Spring is here! So let's Camp.

Spring is here! So let's Camp.

Spring has arrived fellow humans! And you know what? It's about damn time. On Tuesday, March 20th the good Lord saw it fit to release us from the grips of winter and bless us with the first day of Spring.

The vast majority of my winter this year has consisted of sudden snow & ice storms–in the friggin south– and begging my 75lb Boxer to go outside on frosty mornings. I've been waiting to dust off my not so dusty gear and hit the trail for some weekend camping trips. Real talk: I camped a few times this winter with no issues, but I was forced to take those trips alone. My fellow campers were not fans of below-freezing sleeping temps and facing icy Georgia backroads. TBH my own dog gave me the side-eye on our last trip and refused to emerge out of his sleeping bag.  And there's something to be said about hanging out at camp with a group of friends and some cold drinks, good food and laughter. So imagine my excitement when multiple requests from all of my party-pooper-I-can't-camp-in-winter friends to take spring trips all over the state started to roll in. Everyone is looking forward to getting outdoors and I couldn't be happier to be their guide. 

Spring is the best time to camp in Georgia. Nope, it's not an opinion, it's fact! Do you know why? I’ll give you two main reasons why.

• Comfortable temps for outdoor activities
As my favorite movie (Stepbrothers) so accurately states "There's so much room for activities" and with mild temps in Georgia, you won't feel like your wearing a wet hot sweater if you time your trips wisely. Temps in Georgia, in the early spring, are mild enough for hiking, camping, and sleeping in a tent…without the need to strip buck naked. If you wait until later in the summer you may find yourself gambling with heat stroke when you combine the summer sun with the oppressive Georgia humidity. 

I typically camp in the Blue Ridges all year round, but my favorite season is early in the year. The mountains are significantly cooler than the Atlanta area, due to their higher elevation. So nights are comfortably cool and breezy and days spent on the summit can be warm and airy. 

• Less fighting with a bug
I love being outdoors, love, love, love it! Nothing makes me happier. I love the birds and the bees and the trees, but the one thing I do not love are spiders. I grasp the fact that they "serve a purpose" other than terrifying the absolute crap outta me but all spiders live in Nope-ville for me. Second on the list are mosquitos, better known as the second state bird of Georgia. Both of these buggers thrive in our state, reaching the peak in population in summer. Timing an early spring trip can mean the difference of being carried away by a swarm of mosquitos in the middle of the night because you forgot to update your 20th layer of bug spray. Cooler weather = fewer bugs, can I get an amen?! 

Bonus Tip: Planning a car camping trip? Book early.
Most of the State Parks in Georgia now allows campers to book a site-specific campsite now, which takes a bit of the stress away of arriving at the prime spot before anyone else to claim your favorite fire ring. The only downside to this new setup will be the most popular sites will book out weeks in advance. If you have a favorite campground it may be best to start planning soon. 

I'm kicking off this spring with planning a group camping trip, and I couldn't be happier. I love the fact that when I started getting outdoors I was met with questions like "Why?!", "Aren't you scared", "Do you get dirty?!" and those questions have changed to "Can I come with you?!". Starting my blog my mission was to encourage others to get outdoors and I love introducing newbies to my passion. Many trips planned this summer, check back soon for details and photos. Thanks for following!