Challenging the norm of what a POC is expected to do in the outdoors.

I'm just a melanated mountain chick.


About Me.

My main goal is to enjoy my life outdoors while helping to diversify the community of hiking, camping & outdoor living. I think diversifying the outdoors means teaching others who look like me that they can feel welcomed and confident in the outdoors by relying on their own skills and knowledge. I know that enjoying the outdoors is directly tied to experience and quality gear so I try to help my followers grow with realistic tips, tricks and savings. I feel that it's important to only recommend brands or tools that I have personally tested. Some gear can be costly and I know my audience may not have the extra $200-$300 to waste on an item that won't meet their needs. I work to provide genuine, honest feedback for those who follow my profile.

I simply love traveling, I love meeting new people, trying new things and encouraging others to enjoy their lives. After losing my Father in 2017 I've decided to change how I live my life and make time for more experiences. I think that realization has helped me cope and grow as a person and I hope to encourage my followers to do the same. I only want to work with brands who truly expect honest and fair representation of their brand. 

Why camping & hiking?

I love being outdoors, sleeping under the stars and exploring new places. From as early as I can remember my family has always been active in the outdoors. I'm a military brat and my dad always made a point to take us camping, and fishing with him here in Georgia. Once he retired from the Army we moved to Georgia and always had enough land to grow a large garden. My summers consisted of spending time in the dirt or exploring the woods with my little sister. Being outdoors is simply a part of who I am. 


Follower Demographic

• Over 1.5K Followers

• 67% Women & 33% Men

• Ages 25-34

• United States, Canada, Netherlands, Norway






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